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For Energy Providers

Our Solution

Power companies can certify their electricity production via Emissium platform, increasing transparency with their shareholders and clients and accessing our market.


Green incentives

Blockchain-based certification of electricity scope 2 and 3 emissions - a reliable, accurate, and accountable way of promoting transparency and communicating with stakeholders and clients.

Producers can sell their emissions profile by accessing Emissium platform. We promote a marketplace between producers and consumers that are connected in time and space.

Control and decision

Shared compensation

Our powerful blockchain platform allows for real-time energy production monitoring and up to 2 weeks of emissions forecasting. Use it to produce green Hydrogen or Ammonia when emissions are low!

Being connected to Emissium is a way to profit from our algorithm certification platform. Every time we certify consumers that use your electricity, a fraction of the certification revenue comes back to you.

Rafael Castro Amoedo Emissium CEO
Alessio Santecchia Emissium CTO

Rafael Castro Amoedo, Ph.D

Alessio Santecchia, Ph.D



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Connect with an expert

Reach out to us and speak directly with our experts at Emissium. We will bring you the support and solutions you need.

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