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For Energy Consumers

Companies and corporations are large power consumers, but also energy transition pioneers - setting examples and adhering to environmental policies. With a 15-minute accuracy, the Emissium platform provides a way to correctly account for electricity emissions, with an unmatched capacity in both time and space granularity. To our energy consumers, we offer:

Image by Bud Helisson


Blockchain-based certification of electricity scope 2 and 3 emissions - a reliable, accurate, and accountable way of promoting transparency and communicating with stakeholders and clients.


Consumers can compensate for their emissions profile by accessing Emissium platform. We promote a marketplace between producers and consumers that are connected in time and space. Buy fair and transparent certificates and promote investment in renewable energy!

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Image by Drew Dizzy Graham


Our powerful forecasting algorithm predicts for up to 2 weeks the carbon content of electricity, allowing for smart scheduling and optimization. Our results show an average 30% reduction in emissions! Emissium platform is compatible with major cloud computing platforms and tools.


Complying with ESG and CSR reports is made easy, due to our certification and market platforms, which can provide tangible proof of sustainability. We are constantly improving to have the latest regulatory frameworks and specifications. Less time on paperwork and more time on action!

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