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Our Solution

For Power Producers

Our carbon monitoring technologies pave the way for industries to significantly reduce their electricity emissions, while maintaining operational efficiency.

Power companies can manage their electricity production and distribution via Emissium platform, increasing transparency with their shareholders and clients.

Emissium's data-driven approach to carbon emissions management provides businesses with valuable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions and monitor progress towards sustainability goals - whether that’s a decarbonization project, clean storage, or optimally operating a green portfolio. 

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Monitoring Emissions

Our granular labelling of electricity scope 2 and 3 emissions - a reliable, accurate, and accountable way of promoting transparency and communicating with stakeholders and clients.


decision making

Our platform allows for real-time electricity emissions monitoring and up to 2 weeks of emissions forecasting. Use it to produce green hydrogen or charge a battery when emissions are low!

Rafael Castro Amoedo Emissium CEO
Alessio Santecchia Emissium CTO

Rafael Castro Amoedo, Ph.D

Alessio Santecchia, Ph.D



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