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Our Solutions

Our powerful blockchain-based certification software guarantees the highest level of certification in the market – in a transparent, immutable, accountable, and trustful way.

We trace the quality of electricity with a 15-minute interval, and our powerful forecasting tools predict emissions up to 2 weeks in advance.

How it Works

Emissium software desktop mockup


Emissium makes data accessible and intuitive to energy producers and consumers with a simple user interface. All environmental indicators can be visualized for any European region and sub-regions in real-time.


We track electricity down to the source and account for any fossil or renewable generation, storage technology and exchange. Your location-based emissions were never more accurate.

Emissium software desktop mockup


Electricity data are validated by our proprietary blockchain, which is specifically tailored to power companies, grid operators, and large electricity consumers.

We have tailor-made solutions for energy providers and consumers.

Our software allows energy providers to make smart and sustainable decisions - whether that’s a decarbonisation project, clean storage, or optimally operating a green portfolio. 

It allows energy consumers to know their real scope 2 emissions, offering the possibility of compensating their true emission profile – buying from certified renewable energy producers, in a time- and space-accurate way.

For Energy Providers

For Energy Consumers

Data Use

Emissium can be the solution for seamless data integration and processing. Our powerful service empowers developers, businesses, and researchers to effortlessly interact with diverse data sources and conduct real-time analyses.

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