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Our Solutions

Electricity generation is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.
Mitigating this impact is critical for combating climate change.

Emissium's powerful machine learning-based software labels and benchmarks emissions in a transparent, immutable, accountable and trustful way.


These essential insights empower organizations to truly understand their environmental impact, and are the foundation for setting ambitious reduction targets and developing effective strategies to achieve them.

Starting to act now is pivotal. This is the way to drive positive change and ensure a more sustainable and equitable world. Time is of the essence, and our collective actions today will determine the course of our future.

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How it Works


Emissium makes data accessible and intuitive to energy providers and consumers with a simple user interface. All environmental indicators can be visualized for any European region and sub-regions in real-time.


We track electricity down to the source and account for any fossil or renewable generation, storage technology and exchange. We trace the quality of electricity with a 15-minute interval, and our powerful forecasting tools predict emissions up to 2 weeks in advance. Your location-based emissions were never more accurate.


Electricity data is validated by our specialized technology, which is specifically tailored to power companies, grid operators, and large electricity consumers.

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