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wind farm and greenfield

Our solution

Our powerful blockchain-based certification software guarantees the highest level of certification in the market – in a transparent, immutable, accountable, and trustful way. We trace the quality of electricity with a 15-minute interval, and our powerful forecasting tools predict emissions up to 2 weeks in advance.

How it works


We track electricity down to the source and account for any fossil or renewable generation, storage technology and exchange. Your location-based emissions were never more accurate.


Emissium makes data accessible and intuitive to energy producers and consumers with a simple user interface. All environmental indicators can be visualized for any European region and sub-regions in real-time.


Electricity data are validated by our proprietary blockchain, which is specifically tailored to power companies, grid operators, and large electricity consumers.

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We have tailor-made solutions for energy producers and consumers

Our software allows energy producers to make smart and sustainable decisions - whether that’s a decarbonisation project, clean storage, or optimally operating a green portfolio. It allows energy consumers to know their real scope 2 emissions, offering the possibility of compensating their true emission profile – buying from certified renewable energy producers, in a time- and space-accurate way.

For Energy Producers

For Energy Consumers

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