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Track, certify and offset

your electricity

Monitor CO2 emissions on a regular basis.

The blockchain-based software that helps you grow towards energy sustainability.

Data is Power

Finding the path to net zero is easy if you know all the facts. Tracking the emissions of electricity is the first step to opening up the full potential of renewable energy.


Emissium's software allows energy companies to make smart and sustainable decisions - whether that’s a decarbonisation project, clean storage, or optimally operating a green portfolio.

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Emissium software mobile display mockup

Eliminate emission "search & guess".

Emissium ensures that all scope 2 and 3 emissions related to electricity are accounted for. Our granular system makes it easy to find and take action on reduction opportunities, giving you access to a market of certified producers.​

Spend more time on actions that matter.

Every company is nowadays tracing a large amount of data. Emissium uses automation where it matters: to process data quickly, efficiently, and transparently. Examine your value chain in-depth, eliminate human error, and ensure your emissions profile uses high-quality data.

Emissium is not a black box.

With a team specialized in energy systems, sustainability, and carbon accounting, Emissium is committed to ensuring the latest methods and metrics, keeping up with legislation and policy makers. It uses a powerful blockchain-based platform that ensures complete transparency and accuracy.

"Emissium's ability to forecast the marginal CO2 in the grid is crucial to avoid emissions, which is of great interest to electric utilities, to their own clients and to the whole society."

Roger Nordmann

Member of Swiss Parliament

For Energy Consumers

Companies and corporations are large power consumers, but also energy transition pioneers. With a 15-minute accuracy, the Emissium platform provides a way to correctly account for electricity emissions.

For Energy Providers

Power companies can certify their electricity production via Emissium platform, increasing transparency with their shareholders and clients.

Data Use

Emissium can be the solution for seamless data integration and processing. Our powerful service empowers developers, businesses, and researchers to effortlessly interact with diverse data sources and conduct real-time analyses.

Rafael Castro Amoedo Emissium CEO
Alessio Santecchia Emissium CTO

Rafael Castro Amoedo, Ph.D

Alessio Santecchia, Ph.D



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Reach out to us and speak directly with our experts at Emissium. We will bring you the support and solutions you need.

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