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Proving the sustainability of your electricity was never easier and quicker

Emissium automatizes life cycle assessment of electricity for power companies and files GRI compliant reports with one click.

Demonstrate that you are a leader of electrical sustainability.

Reduce emissions
where and when it matters

Finding the path to net zero is easy if you know all the facts -tracking the emissions of electricity is the first step to open up the full potential of renewable energy.


Emissium's software allows energy companies to make smart and sustainable decisions - whether that’s a decarbonisation project, clean storage, or optimally operate a green portfolio.

How it works


We track electricity down to the source and account for any fossil or renewable generation, storage technology and exchange. Your location based emission were never more accurate.


Emissium makes data accessible and intuitive to power companies with a simple user interface. All environmental indicators can be visualised in real-time for each European country and its sub-regions.


Electricity data are validated by our proprietary blockchain, which is specifically tailored to power companies and grid operators.

How it works
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