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Energy monitoring,
carbon accounting and
electricity emissions reduction.

A machine learning-based solution that helps your company grow towards energy sustainability.

Reaching net zero is easy if you have all the data.

Our electricity network API lets you

identifiy the source of your electricity emissions

monitor the emissions you generate

keep your results transparent

save time, while maintaining accuracy

reduce your electricity emissions

electricity emissions map
electricity emissions map

Know your
electricity emissions

Emissium ensures that all scope 2 and 3 electricity emissions are accounted for, using a high-level time and space granular system. Our system enhances the accuracy of predictions and enables your company to optimize resource allocation, streamline operations, and gain a competitive edge in an increasingly data-driven world.

Find tailor-made solutions

By capturing a broad spectrum of environmental data (more than 10 environmental indicators, including IPCC 2021), Emissium enables you to gain a deep understanding of your company's carbon footprint and uncover strategies for major improvements toward decarbonization.

Keep results transparent

With a team specialized in power systems, sustainability, and energy accounting, Emissium is committed to ensuring the latest methods and metrics, keeping up with legislation. It uses a powerful machine learning-based carbon management software that ensures complete transparency and accuracy.

Save time while maintaining accuracy

Emissium uses automation where it matters:

to process data quickly and efficiently.

With Emissium, you can confidently analyse your value chain, eliminate human error, and optimize productivity while maintaining the highest standards of precision, ultimately accelerating your path to emissions reduction.

Reduce your emissions

Ultimately, Emissium data helps helps you to schedule and manage your resources and achieve substantial reduction in carbon emissions

Swiss Parliament logo

"Emissium's ability to forecast the marginal CO2 in the grid is crucial to avoid emissions, which is of great interest to electric utilities, to their own clients and to the whole society."

Roger Nordmann

Member of Swiss Parliament

Emissium helps you make 

smart and sustainable decisions

 for your business

Decarbonization plan

A well-executed decarbonization plan paves the way for a sustainable, resilient, and environmentally responsible future. Be an energy transition leader.

Clean energy storage

Empower your business to become more energy self-sufficient and contribute to a net zero scenario. Green energy storage plays a pivotal role in advancing carbon management solutions and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Optimal green portfolio

As global awareness of climate change and sustainability grows, green portfolios promote long-term growth, attracting socially-conscious investors and opening doors to emerging opportunities in clean technology and renewable energy sectors.

Data use

Our API empowers developers, businesses, and researchers to effortlessly interact with diverse data sources and conduct real-time analyses.

Utility Pole

Solutions for
power producers

Emissium empowers energy providers to achieve unprecedented efficiency and sustainability, simply by focusing on carbon management.

Solutions for
energy consumers

Emissium gives your company full control, enabling you to make informed choices, reduce costs, and embrace decarbonization

Rafael Castro Amoedo Emissium CEO
Alessio Santecchia Emissium CTO

Rafael Castro Amoedo, Ph.D

Alessio Santecchia, Ph.D



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Connect with our experts

Reach out to us and speak directly with our experts at Emissium. We will bring you the support and solutions you need.

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